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Framed Cabinets

Framed cabinets are constructed with a “face-frame” installed at the front of the box, to which the cabinet door is then attached. The face frame (also known as the cabinet's 'picture frame') adds an extra dimension and strength to the cabinet, ensuring that the door won't break off after repeated use.

Stylish and Affordable

Framed cabinets are advantageous for kitchens with lots of cabinet space where extra room isn't needed. They are also best for those who prefer a traditional look, decorative hinges, flexibility for door options (inset, partial-overlay, or full-overlay), and want to keep hinges hidden through glass cabinets.


  1. Hinge – European Full Overlay
  2. Construction Type – Doweled & Nailed w/Captured Back
  3. Base Bottom – 5/8″ Melamine
  4. Shelves – 5/8″ Melamine
  5. Wall Top/Bottoms – 5/8″ Melamine
  6. Backs – 1/4″ Full Back (Captured)
  7. Drawer Guides – Epoxy 75lb
  8. Drawer Box – 5/8″ White Melamine
  9. Drawer Bottom – 1/4″ Encapsulated
  10. Interiors – White Melamine